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Professional Pest Control For All Businesses
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Same Day Or Next Day Service Available
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Reliable Pest Control In The Midlands
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We Offer All Kinds Of Pest Control Services
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Cheap Pest Control Near Me

We deal with any and all pests for the best price


If you don't know the pest in your property, our pest identification service will give you the answers you need!


A wasp infestation is dangerous so our wasp nest removal specialists always use care and caution!


Rodents are the most common UK pest. Our specialists remove them and make them stay away!


Cockroaches are experts at hiding in difficult places, but luckily we are experts at seeking out every last one!

All Pests

View the full list of pests we regularly deal with for information specific to the pests you have!

Why Go Direct For Affordable Pest control?

protect against pests for less

No Hidden Fees

Unlike some Midlands pest control companies, we quote what you pay, so there is no confusion.

Less Pests For Less

All of our cheap pest control near me jobs are individually priced which is how we end up being the cheapest available solution.

FM Solutions

We are a part of the FM Solutions Group, one of the UK's most tried and trusted facilities management groups.

RSPH Certified

All of our professional pest controllers are RSPH (Royal Society of Public Health) certified.

Regular Visits

As a part of our cheap pest control near me packages, you can arrange for us to visit regularly for the most persistent pests.


We're a proudly East Midlands based pest removal company, covering the length and breadth of the East & West Midlands.

Latest Technology

We use the most cutting edge technology to give you the best results possible for cheap pest control near me.

17+ years

We have been around for quite a while now which means we know our way around professional cheap pest control near me.

Attention To Detail

We guarantee we won't rest until we remove every last pest. Direct Pest goes above and beyond to provide service satisfaction.


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Pests Removed Since 2003

Check out our Fantastic Pest Control videos

Affordable Pest control in 4 easy steps

Once a pest has been detected, you want them gone. You can contact us via phone on 0800 088 6392 or the contact form found on our site to call in the cavalry.

2. Assessment

Upon arrival, our specialists will carry out a thorough inspection to determine the pest, necessary equipment and the extent to which they require removal and treatment. 

3. removal

With our excellent equipment and incredible experts, they will have shown those pests the door in no time at all so you can relax once again!

4. inspection

Our teams will arrange follow-up checks at an agreed date and time to ensure complete service satisfaction. We will also respond rapidly to urgent call outs.

Business or Home - we have you covered

At Direct Pest, we take commercial pest control as seriously as it should be taken. We understand that protecting your business with pest control for businesses is something that everyone wants to be handled properly and with the necessary knowledge, equipment and execution of business pest control tasks to get the pests gone. As well as this, we also cover all homes of all shapes and sizes so that your lovely home remains just that, lovely, and not full of pests!

supermarket pest control

Office pest control

restaurant pest control

Warehouse pest control

Hotel pest control

Park pest control

Home Pest Control

Landlord Pest Control

Tenant Pest Control

Cutting edge FLIR Thermal Imaging pest detection

Latest Posts

Guides, articles and expert advice

People often wonder if their favourite restaurants are as clean as they claim they are. With the Food Standards Agency being the UK’s biggest and main organisation in charge of hygiene and food standards in restaurants, there’s nowhere to hide! All restaurants in the UK are subject to frequent and rigorous checks to ensure customer safety and enjoyment. So, what does it mean when a restaurant has a 1 or a 0 rating displayed on the FSA website? And, does pest control in restaurants really matter that much? The answer is yes, and your favourite restaurant can be hiding a dark truth behind their kitchen doors! What is the Food Standards Agency? The Food Standards Agency is a regulatory body that concerns itself with food preparation and hygiene safety for all restaurants in the UK. As the name suggests, they set the standards for all things regarding food preparation. This…

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food pest safety

Why Is Pest Control Important In Food Safety? Although to some it may seem obvious, if you are curious about ‘why is pest control important in food safety’ then you are certainly in the right place! Whether you have concerns over the safety of your food in your home or in your business, both are equally important. Each can be as prone to attack and contamination without accurate pest and rodent control in food safety circumstances. Pests always have an innate sense of places where food sources can be found. Many different species of pest are very resourceful and persistent in gaining access to food. One of their biggest goals is getting to this coveted and precious food source. This is why commercial pest control can be so important and integral for businesses that handle food products. Supermarket Pest Control For Food Safety A particularly troublesome pest that are regularly…

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Best Price Pest Control

Direct Pest provides cheap pest control near me services in the Midlands. This includes Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and more. Our service area is growing and we likely cover your area. If we don’t cover your area, check out the government pest control website here to find an alternative service. However, we pride ourselves on providing a cheaper, faster and friendlier service than the competition.

Effective Pest Control

Our head office is in Leicestershire, which allows our teams of expert pest controllers to operate around the Midlands. Tap here for our contact form, call 0800 088 6392 or email and our friendly experts will solve your problems.

We Love Our Customers

We regularly check Google, Trustpilot and more review sites to post our reviews on here. The quality of our pest control treatment is important to us, so if anything is wrong our customer service experts make it right. To get your review featured, please send it to

"Daryl and Vicky were fabulous! Friendly, professional and efficient- I would recommend to any neighbours."
"Top notch service, saved number for any more pests I get"
"I had Direct Pest out today to treat a large wasp nest. Turned up on time and very pleasant. They really knew what they were doing. Fantastic service!"
"These guys helped us out massively with a not so common spider turning up part of the widow family, genuine and extremely helpful.. Wasn't out to rip us off like some others!!"

Read more reviews, find out more below or contact us for commercial pest control solutions!

Our Other Reliable Pest Control Services

Anti-Viral Cleaning

If you have been a victim of a messy pest infestation, our anti-viral cleaning service is a godsend for getting your house back into tip-top shape and working order. It also protects your family against any harmful bacteria that may have been transferred in the process.

Similarly, this is true for anyone who is concerned that their space may have been contaminated with COVID-19. Our accredited specialists will dive deep into cleaning and sanitising everything from top to bottom, and you can be assured that your property or business has been returned to an area free of infection and safe for you, your family, workforce or customers.

Our specialists will stringently adhere to all government requirements and constantly maintain social distancing for the safety of both our specialists and you too.

Dead Pest Removal

Dead Pest Removal

Sometimes pests can become trapped when attempting to enter a property, but no-one wants horrific remains on display in their property. The last thing that you want is to be subjected to this unfortunate circumstance, and any unsavoury sights or smells. Our pest control specialists will come to your assistance in a flash and have this rectified swiftly.

Sit back and relax knowing that your dead pest removal issue is no more!

Drain Camera Surveys

Drain Camera Surveys

Some pests are very resourceful, and can find their way into your property via your drainage pipes. For instance, rodents, who possess very strong teeth and are also strong swimmers would certainly find chewing through  drain pipes a breeze. As well as this, if a pest were to become lodged then it can cause a blockage and lead to more extensive and expensive repairs. Our pest control specialists can diagnose and advise quickly to sort this problem out without delay, so contact us today.

Bedbug Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Pest Control

Unfortunately, small pests such as bedbugs & bird mites can be very difficult to locate and are resilient to most forms of pest control that conventionally work. Due to their small size they can quickly penetrate enclosed areas and cracks & crevices which makes them almost impossible to rid yourself of. 

Our heat treatment pest control service ensures that no pest, no matter how small or good at hiding they are, can withstand our comprehensive pest control service. 


Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

This service ws originally started in the UK by our sister company, Direct Solar Care. Since it’s introduction, it has revolutionised the level of protection people can give to their fantastic panels and the valuable commodity that they and the solar energy they produce is!

No more will there be build ups of nesting materials that require unclogging or the potential for damage that could affect their power output with our solar panel pigeon proofing service!

Pest Identification

Pest Identification

With our pest identification service it makes identifying any pests a breeze. Our pest identifying specialists carry an extensive knowledge regarding all pests that could be found within the UK that will answer any questions you have and solutions to combat the specific pest infestation. 

Don’t let those questions simmer and get the answers you seek with our fantastic pest identification service.

Pest Fumigation

Pest Fumigation

Certain pests are too pervasive to be dealt with using typical pest control treatments or methods. This can make the removal of them a logistical nightmare.

However, with our pest fumigation service it will accurately and effectively deal with all nuisance pests within a premises so that you can get back to normal quickly!


Pest Calendar

Are you unsure as to what particular pest it is that has been causing you bother? Can’t get a good enough look to be able to tell?

If this is the case, or if you would simply like to know more regarding UK pests such as their behaviour, diet and breeding cycles, as well as when they are most active during the year, then our pest calendar has all the information you could ever need.

Get the full scoop on the pests in your property today.


bird netting install

Bird Netting Installation

Birds of all shapes and sizes can be a terrible pest especially when trying to secure your property or garden against them nesting and them and their friends spreading guano wherever they visit.

With bird netting installation the power is back in your hands and you can have these winged nuisances taking to the skies and away from your property.

You can call or email today to get bird netting installation.


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We are in the process of renovating the website and uploading some recent projects we have worked on. From bed bugs to rats, mice, wasps and more. If you have any pictures of our pest control services, please send them to to get yours featured on the new site, thank you.