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Direct Pest is an efficient and forward thinking pest control company that strive to use the latest technology to eliminate your pest problem. Be it microscopic; like bird mites, flying; like pigeons, underground; like moles, or on your shelves; like mice, Direct Pest guarantees your problem to be fully resolved.

Established out of a clear gap in the market, Direct Pest is different to your normal pest control service as we work, where applicable, with our sister company Direct Thermography, using the power of thermograms to not only speed up our services but to make our services unique and more exact.

Our ethos is to make sure that no matter how big or small any particular job is, the customer must always be happy. To achieve this we do a number of things. Firstly we believe that the only way to make sure that a job can be done is to prepare for everything, therefore we make sure that all our technicians are very well trained. As a minimum, our pest controllers are trained to RSPH level two, and some are qualified up to RSPH level three. This means that there aren’t any pests that we can’t deal with and there are no scenarios that we can’t overcome. Secondly, we make sure to complete every single job to the highest calibre, which, if you were to ask one of our technicians, you’ll find out is the only acceptable level from Direct Pest. Finally, we check in with every customer to make sure that they are happy with the work completed, and if they were for any reason not 100% satisfied we would aim to rectify that situation as soon as possible.

We are well aware, at Direct Pest, that pests spoil nights’ sleep and leave you worrying through the day and so we always strive to get to the site of the situation as soon as possible so that you have peace of mind again. Our phones are always answered however if we do miss your call, we will call you back within 30 minutes maximum.

If you have a pest problem, Direct Pest would be more than happy to help you resolve it!

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