Wasp Nest Removal In Earl Shilton

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Wasp Nest Removal In Earl Shilton

Earl Shilton in Leicestershire was, until the late 20th century, a busy industrial area with numerous shoe, hosiery and knitwear factories. The first knitting frame was introduced to Hinckley in 1640 and this ‘Cottage Industry’ soon spread to Earl Shilton, and neighboring Barwell. Each stocking maker would rent their frame, and would work from their cottage, while the wives and daughters of Earl Shilton and Barwell sat at their spinning wheels. In 1861, Civil War had broken out in America and Earl Shilton was hard hit due to the Northern States blocking the ports of the Southern States, meaning cotton could not be exported. Economic disaster struck the area and famine prevailed in Earl Shilton as the core trade of the area was still frame-work knitting. Years later local factories supplied the British government with pairs of socks and boots for the army, and they also supplied the Russian Cossack army too! Earl Shilton, with a moderate climate of cool winters and mild to warm summers provides perfect conditions for pests such as wasps, bees and hornets to thrive. Wasps are a painful nuisance, especially when you are enjoying a barbecue on a lovely summers day, and here at Direct Pest we are constantly being asked ‘How to get rid of wasps nests or a bee’s nest?’ or ‘How to kill wasps?’.

Well the simplest, most cost effective, and more importantly the safest way is to call out an expert to deal with your wasp infestation! We cannot advise strongly enough that choosing to deal with a wasp nest yourself by using ‘off the shelf’ wasp killer or wasp repellent is a highly dangerous activity, with one guaranteed outcome, if you attack a wasps nest, they will attack you! A wasp nest can vary in size from that of a football up to about a metre across, and will grow very quickly, and even an average sized nest can contain up to 20,000 wasps! A single sting by one wasp is a painful experience and can be very upsetting for children. But wasps can sting a person multiple times and some people, around 10%, can have adverse reactions to stings, an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis which in extreme cases can be fatal.

To effectively deal with your infestation by getting rid of the wasps you do not need to remove the actual nest, this will disintegrate naturally once the parasitic wasps inside have been dealt with. At Direct Pest we use a plant sterile to solve the problem of your wasp nest. This product is not available to you or I as it contains 60% permethrin, whereas the solutions available in the shops are only 0.5% to 1% permethrin.. All of our pest controllers are RSPH level 2 or above in Pest Management, and so are extremely experienced and well equipped to provide a speedy solution to your wasp problem, whether in your house, garden or business premises.

Wasp Removal Cost

At Direct Pest we fully understand that you don’t want your wasps, bees, or hornet’s nest removing next week, you want it done right away, so we will always aim to get our Wasp Nest Removal team out to you on the day that you call us, or at the next closest available opportunity at your convenience. We are an established company that you can trust to do a great job at an even better price! We provide a professional, fully certified Wasp Nest Removal Service in Earl Shilton, which means that we can ensure you and your family’s safety and guarantee that the wasp nest is eradicated. Moreover, if your wasp infestation isn’t exterminated after our first visit we will return free of charge until your original wasp nest problem is solved!

Our Direct Pest wasp removal cost is from just £75.00 + VAT
Based on treatment without access equipment.

For wasp nests in Earl Shilton, Direct Pest are the experts you should call! Call one of our experienced technicians today on 0800 088 6392 for a quick solution to those pesky wasps!

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