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home remedies for ants

Want the know the best ant repellent to keep creepy crawlies away from your home? Or if it’s already too late, want to know how to get rid of ants at home? Don’t worry, as Direct Pest are here for you! We have compiled a handy guide with some of the best natural ant deterrents and natural remedies for ants, in order to get rid of ants at home once and for all! What Are Home Remedies For Ants? When ants invade your home, it can be a great challenge to get them to leave again. They will not only multiply at a rapid pace, they will also bring bacteria and decay into your home. This is why acting immediately is imperative to getting ants out of your home, as ignoring the problem for even an extra day or two, can double the amount of effort needed to get rid…

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The brown ant (Lasius brunneus) is common in Europe from the Mediterranean area to the south of Great Britain, south Sweden and south Norway.

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