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People often wonder if their favourite restaurants are as clean as they claim they are. With the Food Standards Agency being the UK’s biggest and main organisation in charge of hygiene and food standards in restaurants, there’s nowhere to hide! All restaurants in the UK are subject to frequent and rigorous checks to ensure customer safety and enjoyment. So, what does it mean when a restaurant has a 1 or a 0 rating displayed on the FSA website? And, does pest control in restaurants really matter that much? The answer is yes, and your favourite restaurant can be hiding a dark truth behind their kitchen doors! What is the Food Standards Agency? The Food Standards Agency is a regulatory body that concerns itself with food preparation and hygiene safety for all restaurants in the UK. As the name suggests, they set the standards for all things regarding food preparation. This…

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commercial pest control

Wondering why it’s important to have routine commercial pest control in office? Not sure whether to sign up for routine inspections or just a one-off because of cost? Luckily, Direct Pest are here to answer these questions! Our team of experts have compiled their knowledge into this handy article, in order to inform you on the importance of pest control inspections, and why it’s useful to pay for a routine inspection even if there are no obvious signs of infestation! What is commercial pest control? Commercial pest control is a form of pest control that is targeted as pest control for businesses, offices, warehouses and other commercial and industrial buildings. Typically, this form of pest control requires more powerful solutions than pest control for individual homes, as the building are almost always bigger and have a more complicated architectural structure than normal homes. Office pest control is notoriously more difficult…

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home remedies for ants

Want the know the best ant repellent to keep creepy crawlies away from your home? Or if it’s already too late, want to know how to get rid of ants at home? Don’t worry, as Direct Pest are here for you! We have compiled a handy guide with some of the best natural ant deterrents and natural remedies for ants, in order to get rid of ants at home once and for all! What Are Home Remedies For Ants? When ants invade your home, it can be a great challenge to get them to leave again. They will not only multiply at a rapid pace, they will also bring bacteria and decay into your home. This is why acting immediately is imperative to getting ants out of your home, as ignoring the problem for even an extra day or two, can double the amount of effort needed to get rid…

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Rats leaving nasty surprises in your kitchen? Rifling through your rubbish and scattering it all over your yard at night? The experts at Direct Pest have compiled the best ways on how to get rid of rats, mice, and other furry creatures that may plague your home or garden. Read on to find out how to recognize signs of rat infestation, ways to repel and prevent rats from infesting your home. Find out how to get rid of rats using the best and most efficient way. How to recognise signs of a rat infestation There are many different ways to recognise whether rats have been living it up in your home or garden. The most common way to recognize a rat infestation is simply coming across rat droppings, as the creatures eat and gnaw on food constantly, leaving rat poop virtually everywhere they go. Another possible giveaway for an infestation,…

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