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Why Routine Commercial Pest Control in Office is Important!

Why Routine Commercial Pest Control in Office is Important!

Wondering why it’s important to have routine commercial pest control in office? Not sure whether to sign up for routine inspections or just a one-off because of cost? Luckily, Direct Pest are here to answer these questions! Our team of experts have compiled their knowledge into this handy article, in order to inform you on the importance of pest control inspections, and why it’s useful to pay for a routine inspection even if there are no obvious signs of infestation!

What is commercial pest control?

Commercial pest control is a form of pest control that is targeted as pest control for businesses, offices, warehouses and other commercial and industrial buildings. Typically, this form of pest control requires more powerful solutions than pest control for individual homes, as the building are almost always bigger and have a more complicated architectural structure than normal homes. Office pest control is notoriously more difficult because there are lots of different rooms, nooks and crannies where critters and pests can hide. However, this doesn’t mean that commercial pest control is impossible! Our expert team is fully trained and qualified to deal with tough situations, as well as being BPCA certified.

When it comes to commercial pest control, many of the techniques used are similar to normal home pest control, with the prime focus being on humane pest disposal quickly, safely and efficiently. Our team are very knowledgeable and can carry out dangerous tasks such as fumigating or handling hazardous chemicals which could harm humans and pets. This is why Direct Pest are the best!

Why Perform Office Pest Control Inspections?

When working in an office or dealing with commercial spaces, it’s important to carry out routine pest inspections, even if there are no immediate signs of a pest infestation. Commercial spaces are usually large, and they have many corners and unused spaces. These make perfect hidey-holes for any pests. Once the pests make their way into an office, it can be detrimental and hazardous to your health! Pests such as rats or cockroaches spread bacteria and disease, and in a high traffic area like an office, the cross-contamination risk increases. This is a big health and safety violation and can make you seriously ill. The worst part about this is that pests can remain undetected for a long time, so you might not even know why you’re sick!

Here at Direct Pest. we are specialists in office pest control and pest control for businesses. We can make sure to find and identify infestations with the latest technologies, even if they are hidden. With no clear trace of infestations, we can employ specialist thermal infrared cameras, which can detect tracks left by pests and their common usual routes.

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(Our special infrared thermal imaging cameras will detect any tracks that a pest can leave behind when walking around, which can be undetectable to the human eye)

Is commercial pest control expensive?

Many people are under the impression that pest control for businesses or commercial pest control inspections are expensive. This could not be further from the truth, as regular inspections can help save a lot of money in the long run! Ignoring the problem and waiting for a pest infestation to occur, can be a costly mistake. Pests such as rodents bite cables, fraying them and creating short circuits. This will break the electrical equipment, creating a costly mistake. This also poses a massive health and safety and fire hazard! Another big cost associated with this is the fact that pests can breed and multiply rapidly, worsening the problem exponentially week after week.

This is why pest control is imperative to helping an office run and operate smoothly, and keep employees happy. Luckily for you, Direct Pest offers comprehensive commercial and office pest control service, where our professional team will perform routine inspections, checking for pests before they become a problem. We offer very competitive prices, being one of the best and cheapest pest control companies in the UK, and we guarantee this will be less expensive than the alternative.

So, Is Commercial Pest Control Worth It?

With so many different problems that pests can cause, there is nothing we can recommend more than pest control. Routine inspections, as well as our expertise, will help save you a lot of money and stress. As well as this, We recommend our sanitation and professional anti-viral cleaning procedures, which will help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses such as Covid, as well as deter pests! Our anti-viral cleaning uses anti-viral disinfectant, which wipes away and gets rid of Covid, if any room has been exposed or contaminated with it. As well as using anti-viral disinfectant and performing anti-viral cleaning, we also use other cleaning disinfectants to completely get rid of any bacteria, which pests can track onto seats, desks, tables etc. will and other

We are one of the most trusted and highly rated pest control in the UK, and promise to work day and night in order to solve any of your problems! Our routine inspections will make sure you will never need another pest control service ever again. So, if you’re looking for the best commercial and office pest control, contact or call us today!