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How To Get Rid of Bird Mites

How To Get Rid of Bird Mites

The process of how to get rid of bird mites is something that has to be taken seriously as it requires a longer and more thorough method in order to guarantee that no bird mites are able to survive by the end of the procedure.

Our bird mite removal experts have in-depth training and specialist heating unit equipment which is how we are able to tackle any bird mite infestation correctly and effectively. Without the necessary training or equipment, it is almost impossible to guarantee that they will be dealt with properly and could well return.

This article will explain the steps that we take to be able to ensure that our service gets rid of all of the bird mites that have been plaguing you.

Bird Mite
An example of a bird mite
  1. Move and Cover Everything

Upon starting the bird mite removal process, the first thing that our bird mite removal experts will do is to move any furniture or decorations away from the walls so that the heated air from the heater and fan can circulate freely.

Any items that are stored on or within furniture will also be separated for the same purpose of allowing air to permeate freely. It is also important to unplug electronics from plug sockets, and our specialists will always check this thoroughly.

If the environment that we are conducting bird mite removal in has fire sprinkler valves, then we will cover these over so that they are protected and so that the increased temperature within the room isn’t able to set them off. The plastic covering is placed across any air conditioning ducts, lights, bathroom extraction vents and the bottom of doors too, so that heat cannot escape.

  1. Place Fans To Maximise Air Flow

It is important that the fans should be placed so that they are all blowing in the same direction. As well as this, the fans should also be placed to be blowing in the same direction, and in accordance with how many walls there are and the shape of the room.

Then it is time to run power to the unit from an available power source so that the bird mite removal can get underway.

The heater unit should be magnetically connected to the fan so that it can heat the air before then circulating it.

  1. Time To Turn On The Heating and Fan Units

When the heater is turned on, it is important that the heater is turned on first, before the fans. This order should be reversed when it is time to turn everything off as well, and the heater should be turned off first before the fans.

Once the heater that is combined with a fan unit is turned on, the other fan units should then be turned on too. The process lasts for a minimum of 18 hours to ensure that everything is heated to the correct level. This way even the most embedded bird mites that may have entered into carpets or cracks found in walls or the ceiling will not be capable of surviving the heating process.

  1. Ensuring Accurate Bird Mite Removal

When the heaters are running, they are working to heat the room itself and all of the contents to a temperature of between 55 and 60 degrees. It is at this temperature that the bird mites will begin to perish and will not be capable of surviving the increased temperature. During the ongoing process, the fans may need moving and repositioning so that the entire area is covered equally. It is important that when the room or area is checked throughout the heating process to check with a temperature indicator. By doing this it shows that the temperature has been maintained and that there won’t be any bed bugs left by the time that it is finished.

  1. Protecting Contents

Although all of the furniture and decoration that was in the room was subject to being heated up, it could be possible that bedbugs that have managed to hide within linens have somehow survived throughout the process.

If this is the case, then without taking extra precautionary steps it is possible that the bird mite infestation could come back just as badly as it was before the treatment in the first place. Due to their high and frequent breeding rates, any surviving bird mites will not take long to reproduce and repopulate your property, leaving you upset and frustrated at the ineffective results that you had thought would be your saviour from these dreaded pests.

Therefore, washing any bed linens, cushion covers, or rugs and curtains helps to make double sure that any bird mite stragglers are dealt with promptly also. After washing these items, drying them on a high temperature is the final step to protecting your property and preventing these inconvenient and annoying pests from returning.

This is how we conduct bird mite removal for homes and bird mite removal for businesses so that anyone who has been unfortunate enough to come under fire from this pest can get the relief and results they so desperately need.