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Why Is Pest Control Important In Food Safety?

Why Is Pest Control Important In Food Safety?

Why Is Pest Control Important In Food Safety?

Although to some it may seem obvious, if you are curious about ‘why is pest control important in food safety’ then you are certainly in the right place! Whether you have concerns over the safety of your food in your home or in your business, both are equally important and can be as prone to attack and contamination without accurate pest and rodent control in food safety circumstances.

Pests always have an innate sense of places where food sources can be found, and many different species of pest will be very resourceful and persistent in gaining access to this coveted and precious food source. This is why commercial pest control can be so important and integral for businesses that handle food products.

For supermarkets, there are many different pests that would target your store and potentially contaminate the food products that would then be sold to customers! Not only this, but they will also cause damage to the store itself, costing you a further expense to have to repair this damage as well.

A particularly troublesome pest that are regularly found to be causing problems for supermarkets and for food retail outlets is rodents. Rodents, such as rats and mice, are excellent at climbing and as such are able to find creative and hidden ways of entering into stores. As well as this, they also have strong teeth and claws which allow them to chew through many different toughened, hard-wearing materials to create new points of entry.

Through these means, it is possible that areas of your building that you believe are safe and secure are, in fact, not at all and this is now a highway for multitudes of pests to spread themselves unopposed throughout the premises and wreak havoc from all angles.

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Other pests that also cause problems for supermarkets are wasps. Unlike rodents, wasps will be most prevalent during warmer summer months. As it is likely that many businesses will have windows and doors open to alleviate some of the heat. Unfortunately, this means that wasps, who will easily identify sugary drinks or food, can enter buildings unopposed. If, a customer was to be stung by a wasp while shopping in your store, this can create even larger and further-reaching problems than just having wasps anyway!

As well as these two nuisance pest species, cockroaches and birds also cause issues that require supermarket pest control too. Cockroaches, in particular, can easily be transported into the building with food deliveries, by which time they have already infected any food that they have come into contact with. With rapid rates of reproduction, they will increase their presence throughout a store at an exponential rate.

However, birds will present different issues as due to the fact that they can fly, will end up in places and positions that it becomes quite dangerous to attempt to try and handle them without proper training or equipment.

In the same way that these 4 pests cause both unpredictable and unreasonable issues that require pest control in supermarkets, these very same pests are exactly the same nuisances that lead to a need for restaurant pest control too. When you have the hustle and bustle of running a busy and successful restaurant you don’t want to have to contend with the handling and removal of a pest infestation as well. Laws regarding the serving of food to customers are very strict and closely monitored for adherence, as well as the storage and preparation of food items as well.

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By ensuring that pests aren’t able to roam freely throughout the different areas of a restaurant, you ensure that your customers and staff are all happy, as you breeze through health and safety standards checks.

Of course, why is pest control in food safety for homes, is just an important question as it is in commercial circumstances. No-one would be happy to discover a pest infestation within their home that has left them needing home pest control. However, this isn’t anywhere near as annoying as finding out that these very same pests have actually managed to get at your stored food, leaving you hungry and even more out of pocket!

Protecting your family is high on everyone’s list of priorities, so ensuring that the food that you and your family have bought to consume has not been infected and contaminated with the plethora of diseases and illnesses that UK pests carry is particularly important. Although annoying, it is certainly better to be inconvenienced by having to throw away food, than it is to be inconvenienced by having to take a trip to the hospital and potentially endure the long-standing effects of some of these incapacitating illnesses.

These are a few of the reason why pest control is important in food safety for both homes and businesses alike.