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Pest Control For Restaurants: What is the FSA and why is it Important?

Pest Control For Restaurants: What is the FSA and why is it Important?

People often wonder if their favourite restaurants are as clean as they claim they are. With the Food Standards Agency being the UK’s biggest and main organisation in charge of hygiene and food standards in restaurants, there’s nowhere to hide! All restaurants in the UK are subject to frequent and rigorous checks to ensure customer safety and enjoyment. So, what does it mean when a restaurant has a 1 or a 0 rating displayed on the FSA website? And, does pest control in restaurants really matter that much? The answer is yes, and your favourite restaurant can be hiding a dark truth behind their kitchen doors!

What is the Food Standards Agency?

The Food Standards Agency is a regulatory body that concerns itself with food preparation and hygiene safety for all restaurants in the UK. As the name suggests, they set the standards for all things regarding food preparation. This includes hygienic food handling, management of food safety, cleanliness and conditioning of the facilities etc. All restaurants in the UK have to abide by these rules. Depending on how good of a job they do, they get assigned a rating from 0 to 5. 5 is a facility with exceptional cleaning and food safety standards. However, 0 is majorly unsatisfactory and in need of improvement.

Whilst most restaurants tend to do a very good job following these rules and guidelines, with the majority scoring 3 or above. The problems start when a restaurant is found to be unsatisfactory. Restaurants with a low rating and in need of improvement tend to put off customers. Always remember, anybody can look at the restaurant’s score online. This is because nobody wants to eat somewhere which could be potentially hazardous to your health. They will most likely decide to go somewhere else with a higher FSA rating.

What Does Pest Control for Restaurants Have to do With the FSA?

Often when pests such as insects or mice get found during an inspection, it’s a clear sign for the FSA. They can see your establishment has not been cleaning the premises or handling the food properly, leading to a very low score. Worse still, if the word gets out that there are mice in the kitchen, it creates a long-lasting bad reputation for the business. This leads to it ensuring nobody will step foot inside this restaurant until the reputation is built back up.

pest control for restaurants
(If you have ever seen this on the restaurant windows, it means that the FSA declared and recognised this restaurant for very good hygiene standards.)

What attracts pests to restaurants?

Almost every restaurant has a big, commercial kitchen to cook food in and accommodate hungry guests. Therefore this means a lot of food is coming and going through it constantly. In all the rush and chaos, bits of food will sometimes fly off the plate or the pan when being cooked, and land on the floor, under the kitchenware or behind it.

Whilst this is not a problem if the kitchen is regularly cleaned, sometimes the food will land in an impossible to reach spot. This, in turn, would attract small pests to come and have a feast. Improper food storage also plays a role, and a tub of leftover food or sauce can be left open by accident, attracting even more pests. This is why it’s imperative to thoroughly clean the kitchen before leaving it unguarded until the next day. However, accidents sometimes happen! The occasional pest might slip through at the wrong time and cost the restaurant dearly in terms of the FSA score.

So, What to do if a pest is found in your restaurant?

In order to run a successful kitchen, it’s important to maintain a high standard of food and cleanliness. That way the customer has a pleasurable experience and comes back to the establishment. We would definitely recommend trying to avoid accidentally attracting pests. By really scrubbing and sweeping those hard to reach areas, it really helps. If a pest is found anywhere on the premises, not just the kitchen, we highly recommend using our pest control service in order to ensure there are no more pests hiding around the business!

Here at Direct, we will ensure we leave your restaurant and kitchen completely pest free. We are specialists in the pest control in restaurants game! With almost 20 years of experience, we are industry leaders that utilise advanced technology such as FLIR cameras to inspect and remove pests, even if they are hidden. What’s best is that we also offer a recurring inspection service. Our pest experts return regularly to check if your restaurant is still pest free. With this service, we offer a comprehensive inspection of your premises. This ensures your business remains pest free for years to come. As well as this you avoid the low FSA score that you would get if pests were found on your property. So, don’t hesitate, and ring us today, as we offer the best for less without the stress! Only at Direct!