What Pests Do You Have?

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What Pests Do You Have?

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Ant Removal Services

Black ants are relatively easy to eradicate in comparison to yellow ants or Aphrodite ants as when they are attacked they split their nest into four, thus quadrupling your problem.

Bedbug Removal Services

Bedbugs are easy to spot once they are in their adult stage as they will leave a trail of blood on the sheets of your bed as they feed on you. Bedbugs are a parasitic insect which makes them difficult to get rid of. The best way to deal with them is to have continual treatments until you are certain that they are no longer a problem.

Bird Mite Removal Services

Bird mites are almost invisible and indestructible, making them a difficult pest to control. However, our experts are qualified to remove these annoyances.

Cockroach Removal Services

Cockroaches are cannibals and therefore they have become much easier to eradicate. The advance of science means that there needs only be a limited amount of human intervention for the situation to be dealt with.

False Widow Spider Removal Services

False Widow Spiders are a type of venomous spider that have been in the UK since the 1960s. They have been steadily increasing in numbers and becoming more prominent in urban areas, particularly the Midlands. Our technicians are some of the few pest controllers that are qualified to deal with such spiders.

Flea Removal Services

The idea alone of having fleas in your house makes your skin crawl but when there are pets involved, fleas quickly become more likely. Like most pests, the sooner you deal with them the better as their bites can cause intense irritation of the skin.

Mole Removal Services

A single mole can ruin gardens or put lively stock at risk. There’s no need to buy expensive mole scares, our pest controllers can locate a mole’s main runs and catch them within a relatively short amount of time.

Pigeon Removal Services

Pigeons can invalidate warranties on solar panels and are a nuisance in themselves. Direct Pest is the market leader in pigeon protection for solar panels in the UK. We only use the best products enabling us to provide a 5 year guarantee for any work that is carried out.

Rodent Removal Services

Mice and rats are horrible to have to deal with at home and is the last thing anyone wants in a shop! Our pest controllers work with thermographers to find the rodents in your building very quickly. In a two storey shop, with the help of the thermographers, we can eradicate your problem in two to three days.

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels will eat through anything to get into your roof to make their nests as they love to use insulation to keep them nice and warm. The carnage made by squirrels in roofs is unrivalled in the pest kingdom and so if you have a problem call us out sooner rather than later!

Wasp Nest Removal Services

Wasps are a horrible problem to have but they are actually relatively quick to deal with. Direct Pest offers a service where if the wasps nest is not gone the first time we come out to treat it then we will come back out free of charge until the problem is dealt with.

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