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All About False Widow Spiders

There are actually 6 types of false widow spiders, the most common being Steatoda nobilis. Although the Steatoda family is related to the Black Widow, it is less venomous but can still cause a lot of harm when it bites.They are not aggressive by nature, having been described as shy and ponderous, and will only usually bite if they feel threatened, or are poked, for example when in your clothes or bedding. The female False Black is of similar appearance to the Black and is a relatively small spider: about 10-15mm in length, with the male being only 3-6mm. The false widow s are shiny, black and globular like the Black Widow, but they lack the characteristic red double triangle or ‘hourglass’ marking on their back. They have been in abundance of food in recent years meaning they are much bigger than we have previously seen and the worst news is that spiders in general are also increasing in size as well as other rodents.

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Direct Pest’s Favourite Facts About False Widow Spiders

At Direct Pest we all have our favorite facts each individual pest so here are our favourite facts about false widow spiders.

  • Of the six false widow species in the UK, four can be considered to be native to the UK, having been here for hundreds of years.
  • The bite of a steatoda nobilis is as serious as a wasp sting however false widow spiders kill many less people in the UK per year.
  • Some false widow spiders actually kill and eat Black Widow Spiders and other spiders which are harmful to humans so really we should be happy that they’re here!
  • If you think you have been bitten and there is significant swelling, numbness or nausea then it is advisable to go and consult a doctor about it however the anxiety and panic from thinking you have been bitten can be more dangerous than the bite itself!

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