Solar Panel Pigeon Protection by Direct Pest

All About Solar Panel Protection from Pigeons

At Direct Pest, we understand that birds can cause as much damage and inconvenience as the standard pests that people face daily. Not only is the mess they create unsightly, it can cause health and safety risks to the general public. Furthermore, the mess they create can also be hazardous to walk ways. Due to this reason, we have successfully carved out a niche in the sector of removal and the prevention of pigeons, as well as other birds, within the solar panel industry. The consequences of not solving this issue can have a huge effect on panel performance which ultimately loses you money. This means our services are imperative to ensure a steady and constant output from panel usage, both in residential and commercial properties.

How We Work

We use only the best products enabling us to provide a 5 year guarantee for any work that is carried out. We will never need to drill into a panel meaning a warranty will always stay intact, as we clip a galvanised mesh around the panels preventing any damage and return of the birds. We also use a system called Easi Dec which is an extremely efficient method of accessing a roof swiftly eliminating the need to walk along a roof or leave scaffolding in place for long periods of time. Time spent on each property is minimal as possible yet our Customer Service standard is at an excellent level due to the training we insist upon for all Direct employees.

Why Us?

Direct Pest understands the value of a customer’s happiness as our beliefs tie in with our mission statement. We know that a customer’s satisfaction should be at the forefront of any interaction. This view has been proven time and time again due to the amazing feedback we continuously receive and the word of mouth advertising byproduct, has lead to a fantastic opinion of our company. We guarantee exceptional results on every job we do.

To deal with those pesky pigeons and for once and for all get rid of that 5am alarm clock call 0800 088 6392 now for your free quote!

Pigeon Facts

  • Pigeons are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet.
  • Pigeons can fly at the altitude of 6000 due to strong muscles they use for flying.
  • Pigeons can move their wings ten times per second and maintain heartbeats at the rate of 600 times per minute, during a 16 hour period.
  • Pigeons can fly at the speed of 50 to 60 miles per hour and the fastest known pigeon managed to reach a speed of 92 miles per hour.
  • Pigeons have exceptional eyesight and ability to identify objects at a distance of 26 miles.
  • Pigeons can survive more than 30 years in the wild.

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