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All About Squirrels

Squirrels may look cute and cuddly but they actually cause more problems than rats! They like to build nests in warm and secure places which is why you’ll often find them in your loft or chimney. Once there they can then chew through water pipes and electric lighting cables which is most often the case, causing chaos and sometimes very costly repairs. They are determined creatures and once they enter your loft it is very difficult to not only get them out but keep them out. This is where our skilled team come in as blocking any holes and gaps to prevent them from re-entering as well as removing them safely is essential.

The most common breed is the grey squirrel which has a strong correlation between its introduction in the 19th century and the decline of the red squirrel. Deforestation and the loss of habitat has also contributed to the loss of red squirrels since as early as the 15th century. Most of a squirrel’s time is spent foraging and storing food. Their diet varies according to the season. It mainly consists of tree seeds, but they also eat berries, fungus, nuts, plant bulbs and shoots. They are also ready to eat any and all food provided by people. They usually enter your home by gnawing through the exterior for the purpose of storing food and/or shelter and once there, they then use loft insulation as bedding and make large nests which can measure up to 30cm in diameter. Squirrels have a particularly long breeding season and with the exception of October-January, it is possible to find young in a nest at any time, which our team are always aware of.

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Direct Pest’s Favourite Facts About Squirrels

At Direct Pest we all have our favorite facts each individual pest so here are our favourite facts about squirrels.

  • Squirrels can find food even under a meter of snow!
  • Every year, squirrels lose 25% of their buried food to thieves. To stop this happening they pretend to bury food to throw off the thieves
  • When squirrels feel threatened they run in zigzags to evade their predators
  • Squirrels do not dig up all their nuts in the winter which leaves these nuts to grow into trees

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