Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are a horrible problem to have but they are actually relatively quick to deal with. Leicestershire based Direct Pest offers a wasp nests removal service from just £50.00 VAT where if the wasps nest is not gone the first time we come out to treat it then we will come back out free of charge until the problem is dealt with.

For wasp nest removal, let us know when would be convenient. We will then get one of our team to give you a call back at a time that suits you best. Phone 0800 088 6392 today to call out our trusted pest controllers and get those wasps gone!

All About Wasps

There are 2 types of wasp that you are likely to come across: solitary, which are rarely a concern, and social. Social wasps cluster together with their nest population reaching anything up to 10,000 which is staggering and why these are the nests that bother people most. They build nests from wood scrapings, cardboard and paper which they mix with their saliva to form cellulose. They often choose sunny spots when building nests but they can be found in a variety of places and are most commonly found under eaves of houses, in attics, walls, roof spaces, trees, hedges and underground. Care should always be taken around wasps and their nests as their venom contains a pheromone that causes other wasps to become more aggressive so it is not advisable to swat one near its nests or other wasps. For that reason alone, if you do come across a nest, it should be reported for removal immediately; especially if it is in a public place such as the home or commonly used public spaces.

Are Wasps Harmful?

For a minority of people, yes, as the venom in a wasp sting can cause anaphylactic shock which can be fatal. An ordinary sting however, can be treated with ammonia, alcohol or cold poultices followed by antihistamine ointment. Medical help should always be sought immediately if you are stung in the mouth or neck or if you experience dizziness, nausea, unusual swelling or extreme pain following a sting though.

Direct Pest’s Favourite Wasp Facts

At Direct Pest we all have our favourite facts about each individual pest so here are our favourite wasp facts:

  • Wasps are light sensitive
  • Between August and October wasps prefer to feed on food and garbage, instead of insects, which makes them particularly aggressive.
  • Worker wasps may look as far as 400 meters away from their nests for food.
  • Wasps can be both social and solitary depending on their species.

Wasp Nest Treatment from £50.00 VAT

Wasp nest treatment from £50.00 VAT based on treatment without access equipment.

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